Friday, February 08, 2013

Adding a Datacap TwinTran to your cash register

Datacap TwinTran
Datacap TwinTran w/built in MSR attached to Sharp cash register

We get a lot of people calling to get information regarding the Datacap TwinTran or one of their other Tran products that turn your cash register into a credit card machine as well.

Datacap's are great products and once set up and working you'll forget they are ever even there. First you need to decide which model you want from the three choices of DialTran, IPTran, and the most popular TwinTran model. You then decide if you need a built in magnetic card reader or not. Then the most crucial choice is Single lane or multi-lane and with or with out gift card support.

Most customers use Mercury Payments for merchant processing when interfacing with a Datacap however you do not have to. Datacap devices work with most every major provider of merchant services on the market.

I caution not to try and deploy a Datacap without a cash register dealer such as our company to assist you. Many cash registers can be installed very well by yourself but don't try the same thing with a Datacap. Pay the dealer for the support because you will be much happier in the long run.

Yes Datacaps are not cheap, however they are worth the expense. They speed up your cash register lines, they decrease or eliminate errors as well as help bring fraud to a screeching halt. My company has deployed hundreds of Datacaps and I can't remember being ask to take any of them off a cash register!

So here is a great place to buy a Datacap TwinTran and get some information about them. You can also just call us if you are serious about buying a twinTran or you have one and need it reprogrammed for a different merchant services.

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