Thursday, October 25, 2012

The SAM4s ER-650 and ER-650R have been retired

Well we knew it was coming for quite some time but it was still a shock when the factory told us they were pulling the plug on one of the most popular and successful cash registers they ever made the ER-650 and the version with raised keyboard the ER-650R

The good news is they will have parts and support available for awhile and we have quite a few of the ER-650 and ER-650R models available so get your while they last which won't be long.

The ER-650 series was the first cash register to come out with the multi line LCD display which was the big game changer in regards to programming and using simple registers. They followed up by making this a cash register that can process credit cards using the Datacap Twin Tran that also allows gift card transactions as well.

Users also appreciated the fact that the SAMs 4 650 series also interfaced to DVR systems, kitchen printers, scales, computers and coin changers.

The ER650 series has been replaced by the SPS-300 series that includes the SPS-320, SPS-340 and SPS-345 all with some unique features of their own. One great improvement with the SPS300 series is that it includes a SD card port and available with a single station printer as well as a dual station version with a receipt and journal.

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