Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Are you protecting your cash register's keyboard?

Should I install a keyboard cover on my cash register. In almost every case that would be yes. Keyboard covers can protect your cash register from spills and also help keep dust and other airborne substances from out of your cash register. It won't stop everything but they help for sure.

Does every business need to have a keyboard cover? For example maybe a hardware store where there is never any liquid near the machines (don't forget cashiers soda pops or coffee) and you do a lot of 10 key maybe you could get away without it. I would still install one as they cost about $25.00 in most cases and can protect a $1000.00 cash register from being ruined!

Here are a couple links for keyboard covers. Sharp Cash Register Keyboard Covers or SAM4s Cash Register Keyboard Covers and don't forget the restaurant style registers all have keyboard covers that can be replaced. Don't live with a worn cover you can no longer see through when again they cost $25.00 to $35.00 on average.

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