Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Microsoft's POS Software

Microsoft makes a software called POS (point of sale). It is a very nice retail point of sale system for mom and pop retail stores. It does complete inventory control for those looking for more then just a cash register.

The MS POS system works well even if you don't want inventory control but are looking for a Bar Code Scanning system. Just use POS and forget about inventory. MS POS can also integrate your credit card payments.

The Microsoft POS system can work with a touch screen or standard monitor. Many people prefer MS POS with a touch screen. There are hundreds of configurations that can be used as far as hardware.

The CRG's have complete bundles for sale using MS POS software and HP POS Hardware. These bundles come pre-loaded with the software and include a 3 year on-site warranty from HP! Great deal for the person that is willing to invest some time rather then use a local full service FULL PRICE pos company.

Check out the MS POS System Bundles here.


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