Thursday, June 19, 2014

Programming support for SAM4s cash registers

We service and support all models of SAM4s cash registers. The most common service requested is helping program SAM4s cash registers. We can program your cash register with you via the phone or if you have a newer model we can make program changes and send to you on a SD card or email.

Our company support cash registers all over North America. So to find out if we can help you please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274


reigisterhelp said...

301Dave I have a Sam4S ER-390M the straight tax rate is giving me fits. I have programmed the tax1 shift button and assigned a PLU with a taxable status. However, when I test the function it is taxing at the wrong rate. I am at a loss?

Dave said...

Well most likely just entering the data wrong. How many tax rates do you need to program? You say wrong rate? What rate is it charging? Is it charging a different tax rate? Little more info and I can probably solve for you. When you finish the program it should issue a receipt that will show the tax rate you programmed and the rate.

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Simon Hegarty said...

do you have any Sam4 Er-5200M firmware

we have uploaded some now we have a black line on the LCD display at the top