Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Programming your SAM4s cash register

SAM4s makes the best cash registers on the market in the US and Canada. Not only do we sell all the models made by SAM4s we can support and program yours if you already have one. In some of the advanced models we can even email files to you to update your register. Some of the programming choices we offer are

  • Programming tax on the SAM4s cash register
  • Keyboard Templates for SAM4s cash registers
  • Credit card interface for SAM4s registers
  • menu item programming
  • Add a bar code scanner
So if you want to see if we can help you program your SAM4s cash register call us at 1-800-863-2274



Hi Dave,
I have outgrown my ER-650 keyboard and am looking at using a barcode scanner to handle the extra products. Would you be able to recommend a scanner that would work with this register.

I would like to make a list of barcodes that the cashiers can scan for the PLU.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

John C.

Dave said...

John a good scanner for the SAM4s ER-650 when you are going to be scanning from a list is the 9540 which is handheld with a button so when using a printed book of UPC's you press the button on the one you wish to scan. We sell them ready to go and will help you program the register to accept it. We will also teach you to program a UPC into the register. Here is a link to the 9540 Bar code scanner for the SAM4s cash register


Your link does not work. Also when I went to www.cashregisterguys.com my computer displays your pages with some overwriting on the top of the page. Either that or your site has a problem.

With that being said I Googled the 9540 and from what I can see this is what I want. My register has a RS232 port. Please send me a good link for this type of scanner.

Thank you again.

Dave said...

Try this link. Are you using a iOS? I tested on Chrome and IE and was fine

Bar Code scanners for SAM4s cash registers

Elena Smithson said...

Cash register is the best machine for use in shop.

Cash Registers

Dave said...

There are many good cash registers for a shop. Which is best depends on you needs as far for departments, receipt and journal, tax rates, cashiers etc. Do you just need a handful of open departments? And specific needs that need to be addressed?

cash registers

Dave said...

Sorry the link was cash registers