Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The SAM4s SPS-500 series make a great liquor store cash register

The SPS-500 series from SAM4s cash registers include a feature for age verification by swiping the drivers license on the cash register magnetic card reader. Many state drivers licenses encode driver data on a mag stripe. When age entry is required, the drivers license can be swiped and the age verified. This feature is enabled by identifying track data on the Age Verification program screen. (California support added at V1.00m). All of the SAM4s SPS-500 series cash register include this feature. Of course you will need to add the integrated magnetic card reader to the register and your state must have ID's capable.

For a liquor store you would want a SAM4s SPS-520R which has a raised keyboard and a receipt and journal printer. If you don't require a receipt then you could use the SPS-530R cash register which is about a $100.00 less.

For a bar/lounge/club you would probably want the SAM4s SPS-520F which has a flat keyboard designed for food and beverage operations. If you don't need a receipt then you could use the SPS-530F which is the same machine with receipt only.

All of these cash registers work with the Datacap Twin Tran for credit card interface and gift card interface. All can use bar code scanners, kitchen printers, computer interfaces etc.

If you have a question regarding which machine would work well for you call us at 1-800-863-2274 We are located in the Seattle Tacoma area however we sell cash registers all over North America


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