Monday, October 28, 2013

SAM4s SPS-520 cash register

SAM4s SPS-520F cash register
SAM4s SPS-520F cash register
The SAM4s SPS-520 cash register is sold in two different versions. One is the SPS-520R or AKA as the SPS-520RT is a version made for retail applications like gift stores, C-Store, grocery stores, feed stores etc. This version included raised keys that are easier to key in open prices or a SKU or UPC number as opposed to the flat keyboard 520F as pictured above.

The SPS-520F as mentioned above includes a flat micro-motion keyboard designed for food service. The large flat keyboard allows for all (or many) of your menu items to be placed on the keyboard for one-touch selling. The SPS-520F was made in mind for restaurants, bars, clubs, cafeterias and more types of food service.
Both the R and F version both feature a receipt and journal printer which allows you to keep an audit or journal tape, and issue a receipt to your customer. The receipt can also be made to print on demand only if desired.

Either machine has the choice of many options like credit card interface with the Datacap, kitchen printers, scales, DVR, kitchen video, coin changers and more.

Need help deciding which register is for you? Call us at 1-800-863-2274 and we will help you buy the right one.

SAM4s SPS-520R cash register
SAM4s SPS-520R cash register

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