Monday, August 26, 2013

Should I interface my cash register with credit card payments

Today most cash register can take credit cards directly which is the most secure and efficient way to operate.

When you interface credit card payments directly to a cash register you benefit in many ways. First and foremost you will all but eliminate entry errors in the payment field. When you have not interfaced payments to the register you run the risk of a cashier entering the sale into the credit card terminal incorrectly. As an example lets say the sale total is $19.95 and the cash enters $9.95 or $0.95 on the credit card machine. You just lost all of your profit and then some. If you don't believe those happens then you should audit your cash register transactions to your credit card transactions. It may take you a couple hours but it could also show you how you are losing thousands of dollars due to entry error.

Another pleasant side effect of interfacing payments directly to the cash register is reducing fraud. It has long been a practice of bad cashiers not to register credit card transactions on the cash register but enter them on the credit card machine. Then when they have a cash transaction for the same amount they ring that one up and close out to credit card and then pocket the cash from the transaction they did not ring up. The register will still balance! But when you have an interfaced system the cashiers can't run a credit card without first ringing up a sale for the correct amount.

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