Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SAM4s ER-290 cash register review

SAM4s ER-290 cash register

SAM4s ER-290 cash register

The SAM4s ER-290 is a good entry level cash register. The ER-290 features 12 programmable departments provide information and control of your most commonly used items. 200 price look-ups (PLUs). 2 programmable percent keys for discounting by sale or by item. Cash, check and two charge keys with paid out and received-on-account finalizing keys. Receipt stamp prints ?Thank You Call Again? after the sale is completed. Four tax tables for automatic tax calculation for department and PLU entries. Easy to read PLU, department, hourly sales, and period-to-date financial reports. Easy to install ribbon. Standard cash drawer with 5 bill, 5 coin compartment tray and security lock.

The one complaint I have heard about this register is that it does not print alpha numeric characters so in other words it does not print the name of the department only the number. Many people don't care about this however!

You can buy the SAM4s ER-290 cash register. Need help selecting a cash register 1-800-863-2274 


Anonymous said...

Do you know what year this till was released?

Dave said...

I'm not sure when the SAM4s ER-290 was released however the copyright date on the flyer is 2006 and that is about what I would guess. Good entry level machine.

SAM4s ER-290 cash register