Friday, December 07, 2012

Cash registers with bar code scanner

We receive many questions from our blog and live support chat about setting up a bar code scanner with a cash register. Perfect example happened today where the end-user bought the cheapest scanner he could find, did not pay attention to the interface or the cable.

Does not matter if it is a Sharp Cash Register or one of the SAM4s Cash Register models you can't just buy the cheapest scanner you see online and plug it in.

  1. Most cash registers require specific makes and models of scanners. Don't just buy something because it is cheap and looks cool
  2. ALL cash registers require a specific interface. Cash registers are not cutting edge like computers and are a few years behind the curve in most cases, maybe even a decade!
  3. Almost every cash register must be programmed to accept a scanner, no such thing as plug n play with a cash register
  4. Some registers require very specific special order cables to connect scanners.
What should you do to make sure you get a scanner that works? Call cash register people like us at 1-800-863-2274 we know what works with Sharp (except XE models) and SAM4s cash registers, we know how to program the scanners and the cash registers! Don't call us after you have bought from a scanner company that knows nothing about cash registers!

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