Friday, November 02, 2012

Samsung or SAM4s who is who?

We still have people calling or emailing looking for Samsung cash registers which of course no longer exist. I guess it played out something like this. Samsung cash registers used to be sold world wide by the company we are all familiar with "Samsung".  From what I understand Samsung never actually made the cash registers they were OEM'd by another company whose name I don't recall.

So at a certain point years a go Samsung for whatever reason decided to exit the cash register business. I understand that the company who also made them for Samsung decided to make them on their own and with a new brand name. The name they went with is SAM4s Cash Registers and they have been doing very well. They quickly surpassed Sharp as the most cutting edge cash register brand in the US and I would imagine the world.

So Samsungs are now SAM4s which in this case has been a good thing. Samsung is a great company however we have found SAM4s to be more responsive to the industry and really willing to forge ahead of others with some great features and fair prices.

So not sure if I'm 100% correct here but that is the story as we know it!

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