Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Credit Card Interface

We get a lot of questions regarding interfacing your credit card system with your cash register. The simple answer is yes you can do this. The complicated part is only with a few credit card interfaces or terminals. None of the traditional credit card terminals you see in use everywhere will work! There are only two interfacing terminals in the country that I'm aware of and they are the Datacap Twin Tran and the PAX SP-30 Payment Terminal.

The Datacap interfaces to most commercial grade Sharp and SAM4s cash registers while the PAX SP-30 only works with a few Casio models currently.

The Datacap has a networked version for larger cash registers while the PAX SP-30 can't be networked without additional equipment and possible monthly fee involved with that feature.

Either way you go integrating your cash register and your credit card payments is a must for increasing profits and reducing fraud.

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